Redbox Instant has become the latest app to offer Chromecast streaming support. This comes by way of the v1.5.1 update that recently arrived in the Google Play Store. And as with many of the previous Redbox Instant updates — there was also mention of some bug fixes.

The Chromecast aspect of the Redbox Instant update has this sort of playing catch-up to the competition as Netflix has offered support for quite some time now. But along with the new ability to stream movies to the big screen, the Redbox Instant app also allows you to bookmark your favorite movies and also reserve movies at your local (and physical) Redbox.

There is a subscription option available, and you can also use the app to buy and/or rent on a per movie basis. New Redbox Instant users are able to get a free 30-day trial, and otherwise, the current monthly rate is set at $8. That price includes unlimited streaming as well as four DVD credits for kiosk rentals.

Bottom line here, Chromecast support is now available for Redbox Instant app users. Those who already have the app can grab this update by firing up the Play Store on their device. The Redbox Instant app can be found in the Google Play Store.


  1. Why don’t you clever people who make entertaining apps, attach a badge or sign to the logos or whatever so that while on the move or somewhere else with no WiFi we can play games that don’t need it saving my time and money on something that uses it to function. An app sign that means no internet req to play once downloaded. Ta


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