Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha II Images

Xiaomi is due to reveal a new Mi Mix Alpha model. It’s clear there will be no Mi Mix phone out this year but we can expect one in 2021. As we wait for the Xiaomi Mi 11 to be released on December 29, there’s another Xiaomi Mi phone in the works. The Mi Mix Alpha II has just been rendered. It’s not final and official yet but we find it interesting the upcoming Xiaomi smartphone is mostly display. The patent shows a 360-degree surround display plus a pop-up camera.

The all-around display idea is nothing new but with Xiaomi possibly applying the technology, we won’t be surprised if it becomes commercialized. The original Mi Mix Alpha idea was innovative and so we believe the next-gen will also have the same characteristics.

Xiaomi’s Mi Mix Alpha II could boast a surround display as pictured below. There will be a triple rear camera system that has been designed to also work as a selfie camera. It will be possible with a pop-up mechanism.

A design patent for such phone has been filed a few months ago at the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO). It was only published last December 18. Included in the file were 16 sketches and four color renders of the phone.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha II Surround Display Camera

The Mi Mix Alpha II still looks similar to the Mi Mix Alpha but even the rear is now full display. The rear is all-screen. With this idea, Xiaomi could also use the design for a foldable phone. It’s also an idea which we saw last month–a Xiaomi foldable phone with pop-up camera system. It was also hinted within the MIUI 12 code. There’s also that Xiaomi Mi Alpha R rollable display phone spotted in a patent which we believe is related.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha II Image Renders

A wrap-around phone may be attractive. We don’t doubt it can be done. We’re just not sure it will ever appeal to the ordinary mobile consumers since one appears to be fragile. What do you think?