Xiaomi has scheduled an April 23 press release, right on the same day OnePlus will have theirs, and naturally Xiaomi won’t be outdone. If these rumored specs for Xiaomi tablet expected to appear that day are anywhere near reality, then Xiaomi probably doesn’t have much to worry about.

The Chinese company, whose affordable but capable smartphones are notorious for selling thousands in just minutes, has long been expected to out a tablet as its next big product. This expectation was lately reinforced by the company releasing its MIUI custom Android interface for the Nexus 7, and then with the teasing of a new device slated for unveiling in two days. Adding even more fodder, we are being given a glimpse of what seems to be the back covers for rumored tablets. They aren’t exactly remarkable and actually bear some resemblance to Apple’s tablet design.

There are specs going around the Internet as well, and it sounds like a wishlist more than anything else. The display is said to be an 8-inch retina screen manufactured by Sharp and boasting of a resolution of 2048×1536. The rumored processor on this tablet is no less ambitious, being the rather recent NVIDIA Tegra K1 that itself boasts of a 192-core Kepler GPU. It isn’t mentioned whether the processor will be the 32-bit CPU officially unveiled by NVIDIA, or the 64-bit variant spotted in AnTuTu.

These specs do look tasty, but Xiaomi is not exactly known for pulling out all the stops when it comes to hardware, preferring to focus instead on the balance between performance and price. However, considering it would be the manufacturer’s first tablet, it is also possible that it would try to put out the very best, perhaps with a price tag to match.

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