Xiaomi has been on a bit of a tear lately, introducing themselves to the world stage via various product teasers. Their latest has us guessing once again, with the company posting a very intriguing picture to Chinese blogging site Weibo. In the pic, we see something oddly familiar, but nothing that we can identify as Xiaomi’s.

A profile of some sort of device hints that Xiaomi has something new for us, and they’re teasing April 23 as the day we’ll see it. For those keeping track, April 23 is the day we expect to see the OnePlus One launch. This could be coincidental, or it may be intentional. OnePlus definitely steps on Xiaomi’s toes with their high-end, low-cost scheme.

The Xiaomi device itself looks like the Lenovo Yoga tablet, with it’s bulbous battery on one side/end. That’s a tablet we intialy wrote off, but quickly found it to be more useful than the slates we have from most OEMs. Xiaomi may be taking a page form their book, and we’ve long expected a tablet from Xiaomi — especially as they begin to introduce their products outside of China.

It could be a number of things, like a wireless charging pad or some sort of remote trackpad for Xiaomi’s devices. Nobody outside of Xiaomi knows, and they’re happy to leave us in suspense. It looks like April 23 could be a busy, busy day for Android!


Via: GizChina