In case you were wondering – and we know many of you are – the Wall Street Journal has got it on good sources that the whale-sized phone (geddit?) we all are waiting for would indeed be launching this October. We are talking about the new Nexus 6 made by Motorola, of course – more popularly known as “Shamu” or “Free Willy” or whatever whale joke-slash-name you would have for it.

The new phone, which will be bringing with it Google’s Nexus stamp of approval, has been leaked and re-leaked, benchmarked, and photographed to kingdom come – to a point where we don’t even know which is real anymore. But we do know this – it will come with a monster 6-inch screen and some whale-sized specs (sorry, couldn’t help it).

The guys over at SlashGear think that October may be a good time to launch the phone – just a little bit after the iPhone hype (and #bendgate) and a little before the holiday shopping rush. They have precedent for it as well, as the Nexus 5 was launched near Halloween – albeit without the hype and fanfare Shamu will undoubtedly have.


The WSJ report also confirms the big screen size and that indeed, Motorola will be making it. Of Shamu leaks, there are a lot. But solid official information has been hard to come by, so we rely on WSJ’s cred for this report. There are only 20 odd days left in October, so it can’t be that long a wait anymore.

VIA: SlashGear


  1. That was a whale of a story (couldn’t resist either). I don’t follow what WSJ has to say; they don’t always have things right. However, I’m hoping they are spot on this time!


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