In case you’ve forgotten, your Wileyfox phone is switching from Cyanogen OS to Android–specifically Nougat. We learned about this last December and we know you’ve been waiting for the update rollout. Both the Swift and Swift 2 will get the Nougat. What’s good news is that it won’t be just 7.0 or 7.1 but Android 7.1.1 already including the April security patches.

Swift phone users will receive the chunky update first but Storm and Spark owners will receive the same this coming May and June, respectively. Expect to receive OTA notifications anytime soon so don’t be surprised if you get an alert saying you can now get the new Android version.

You can always check manually on your device and see if update is available. Proceed to Settings> About Phone> System Updates then activate. Make sure you have at least 1.5GB free of memory space before you can download the OS.

For the Swift and Swift 2 phones, Nougat brings a number of significant changes like a personalized feed courtesy of Yandex, longer battery life with doze mode, and better privacy with TrueCaller. The latter is built-in in Cyanogen OS devices but even without the old platform, you can still enjoy this feature.

Nougat-powered Swift devices will also get the FoxHole Launcher as the standard launcher. The Wileyfox Zen newsfeed service will be a sight to see until you get annoyed by the ads. Some features will be removed like the Themes and audio F/X manager. And sad to say, even the system settings unique to Cyanogen OS will be gone once you update to Android 7.1.1. The Android Night Light which is a native Android feature also replaces Cyanogen’s night mode.

VIA: jmcomms

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