For those who aren’t satisfied anymore with their smartphone’s default dialer, smart dialer apps have been lifesavers, or at least, have made their calling tasks simpler and even more fun. The latest update to one of those kinds of apps, Trudialer, sees redesign and better features, including the ever-important dual SIM support for those who use more than one carrier for their communication needs.

Trudialer 2.0 now supports more than 500 Android devices that have dual SIM functions. This is a big boost for those who use separate numbers either for their businesses or for personal reasons. Having two sims sometimes offsets your communication costs, and having a smart dialer is even more convenient for the users. The app also now has better swiping actions for different functions, like you can now easily swipe between the dial pad keyboard (numeric and alpha numberic) and your favorite contacts. Swiping on a contact can also mean you can view the details or you can send them a message.

In terms of search functions, it says it can now search even beyond your phonebook. This means if you search for a number and even if they’re not your contacts, if their number is among the 1.6 billion registered, then you’ll see the name of the person. The app can also identify unknown numbers in your log, by the same means too. There nat be some privacy concerns with that eventually though.

Of course the app now has a more intuitive design and also supports keyboards for Persian, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish languages. If you don’t have it yet, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store.

SOURCE: Trudialer