Having the ability to identify who is calling you and deciding whether or not to take that call is a basic “power” that every mobile user should have. And yet, most of our smartphones don’t have a built-in capability like that. Well, at least, we’re very thankful that there are apps and developers out there whom we can count on to bring this feature. One of these apps, TrueCaller is now built-in to the to the Cyanogen OS Dialer, ready to start screening your calls for you.

If you don’t know TrueCaller is yet, it’s an app that gives more functionality to the calling function of your smartphone, which is one of the least priorities in terms of hardware and software. But when you have the app on your device, you will be able to find out who’s calling you even when they’re not on your address book, as they will supposedly be able to look up who that number belongs to.

It will also show you how many times people have marked the number as spam, so you already know if you’re going to take the number or not. You can even block the number if you never want to bothered by it again.

But users who are on the Cyanogen OS will have the option of using this or not since it has an opt-in/opt-out feature. The integration will happen through an OTA update over the next few months.. Their newer devices will come pre-installed with TrueCaller, but still with an opt-out option. If you don’t have a Cyanogen OS device but would still like to experience this app, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store.

SOURCE: Truecaller