The Cyanogen team has recently made an announcement about the changes concerning the CyanogenMod. The service will be ending by December 31 which means there will be no more nightly builds. This is to give way to the new Cyanogen Modular OS program. This move is certainly affecting a lot of groups and not just employees. WileyFox is just one but the company has already published an official statement to ensure WileyFox users some peace of mind.

WileyFox shared the following good news and said:

We are not commenting on behalf of Cyanogen. Our OS Strategy and Software plan moving forward will be complete soon. We have agreed a smooth transition where we will continue deliver constant and consistent software and OS updates. Our plan is to bring our entire Wileyfox portfolio onto Android N, the latest version of Google Android’s OS, in a timely manner – while still continuing to protect the range with Google software security updates. We will share our full and final plan in due time. Our statement for now is we are confident Wileyfox’s software will continue to evolve and stay pure to Android, enhanced to maximise our consumers’ user experience.

So from Cyanogen, WileyFox will be moving to Android Nougat. That’s great news because at least we know future phones will still be supported. There’s no mention though when the updated software will roll out but this information is way better than finding out there won’t be any support at all.

We got this information from a Reddit thread shared by a certain BurkusCat who said this statement was from Wileyfox’s support livechat. We’re still waiting for a more official announcement by WileyFox but this will do for now.

VIA: Reddit