As part of Apple’s patent case against Samsung in the US, it couldn’t just simply object to the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Apple had to submit alternatives for Samsung to follow which would allow it exemption from their overly vague design patents, and The Verge got their hands on some of the redacted documents. So what did Apple suggest to end Samsung’s legal trouble? Make a device that no one would want to use.

Among the requests were phones and tablets that weren’t shaped like rectangles and/or rounded on the corners, screens that aren’t centered on the front of the device, thick bezels and frames and “profiles that aren’t thin”. Yup, Apple is demanding that Samsung not make thin tablet,s an especially funny sentiment when you consider that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is already thinner than the iPad 2.

Other suggestions include a “cluttered appearance”, non-horizontal speakers, or a complete absence of bezel. The latter is basically impossible, while the former are just ridiculous. In short, Apple wants Samsung to make and sell a phone/tablet that’s triangular, three inches thick, covered in stickers, with a huge frame and an off-center screen. That’s all.

It’s pretty apparent that Apple doesn’t intend to let Samsung continue its business at all if they can help it. After the late Steve Jobs’ mouth-frothing damnation of all things Android and the company’s refusal to settle the Australian court case shows that there’s just no dealing with Cupertino when they feel they’ve been copied – an interesting state of mind, considering Apple’s design history. (Enjoy your folders and notifications, iPhone users!) Though the Australian case is looking better for Samsung after the court ruled in its favor in an appeal, Apple still has time to try and overturn the decision. Apple has already filed suit against Samsung in Germany for the Galaxy Tab 10.1N, the device that was built to placate their original patent case.

But that’s alright. The minute that Samsung releases the Galaxy Brick, I’m sure Apple will withdraw its complaints.

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  1. I originally wanted to buy a Galaxy Pad 7.7 AND an iPad 3 when they’re on sale, but reading about all the shit Apple it deploying to stiffle competition, I will just ignore any Apple product altogether. Apple became the new Micro$oft.

      • Apple with their lucrative profits are forever trying to eliminate
        any potential competitor with lawsuits. They are an immoral corporation.   Apple
        Fan Boys are just stupid and blind.


      • Stupid and Blind and apparently havent a clue that apple stuff is way behind. Why do you think apple is trying to force everyone to stop

  2. There is an easier way, stop copying apple products and ideas. If Sammy think they are good then they should produce something original. Hating & copying apple at the same time won’t work. I don’t think what apple has developed is end of the world but these copycats have to think out of the box to bring something new & fresh.

    • Did you even read what apple views as copying their “products”. Who cares what it looks like. How many people even buy a phone on the way it looks anymore. That made since before smartphones became the standard. I wouldn’t buy a galaxy so phone because it slightly resembles a iPhone 4. Anybody who would is as stupid as Apple is with all these suits. I know it may not be reasonable from business standpoint but if imwere Sammy id just stop selling parts to apple. After all apple chose samsung for their products. Samsung didn’t petition apple to build a phone. Fuckimg apple fan bastard

      • Yeah why Apple use all of Samsung stuff to build there phones Samsung should sue Apple for using its products

    • Funny you say that when the tablet computer was not an Apple idea to begin with. Microsoft released a tablet computer back in 2003. It was unsuccessful because of the technology back then, but Apple is far from innocent.

      • microsoft should sue apple. apple deserves to go belly up. They are the company of selfish hate and greed. Apparently microsoft is a level above them.

  3. Apple didn’t create anything novel or all that original when they created a tablet. They’ve been around in some form for years. The idea of a thin, handheld computing device with modern capabilities has been around even longer. Thinking that Apple has a right to patent the whole concept of a modern tablet is ludicrous. These alternative designs they suggest to Samsung are just as ludicrous.

    • When your own lawyers can’t tell the difference between your tablet, and someone else’s tablet, you’re probably doing something wrong…

      Also, you ever think why Apple hasn’t gone after other companies? (ie. Kindle Fire, Asus Transformer, etc) Probably because you know, their tablets don’t look like the iPad…

  4. Okay so, Selling a device that looks exactly ssimilar to the iPad is not a pattent infringement?
    The android community is quite unintelligent

    • Actually no no it is not. But someone who knows nothing about law and patent law like you would not get that. Study patent law, like me, get a degree in it, and you will know it does not infringe on patent. You can make a product look like whatever you want. I could make a device that looks exactly like the iPad and as long as I make slight changes it does not infringe on the patent. And for you to say the Samsung tab looks exactly similar to the iPad then you are clearly bad. They are clear cut differences. That at just glance one can see. Hell a 2 year old could see the difference.
      You are the unintelligent one and it is very clear from your comment that you are and that you no absolutely nothing about the law.

  5. Apple has GOT to be the worst company out there right now.  Acting like they invented the rectangle…hahahah, anyone ever heard of the TV (rectangular, with a bezel with rounded corners), or Dell’s Axim Pocket PC?  There was a TON of stuff made LONG before Apple became a company.

    Since the Galaxy Tab is already THINNER than the iPad, why would Samsung want to make one thicker?   Seems the thick tab winner is Apple already.  lol

    How about this?  Differences:


    * One physical button on the face of the tablet
    * BACK cover wraps around to the front of the tablet
    * ONE speaker, under the physical button
    * Back of the tablet is a plain color, with a small logo
    * Tablet is thicker, when compared to other tablets
    * Back of the tablet is made of metal

    Galaxy Tab:

    * NO physical buttons on the face of the tablet (or capacitive for that matter)
    * TWO speakers, but on the edge of the tablet
    * FRONT cover wraps around to the back of the tablet
    * Back of the tablet has textures (physical and visual)
    * Tablet is thinner, when compared to other tablets
    * Back of the tablet is plastic


    * Buttons for volume and power are on the outside edges of the tablets (not a patent issue)
    * Front of the tablets are flat (what else would they be?  DUH….Shag?  lol)
    * The front is made of….uh….glass!  (what else would it be?  wood?  lol)
    * uhhhhh, thats it!  lol

    Come on Apple, grow up.  Your not original, and your iOS sucks.  You hate Android because its better, plain and simple.  You refuse to update your OS to make it better.  In all honesty, I have YET to see it change AT ALL!  Its awkward, lifeless, and very featureless.  Android has all the customization you could possibly imagine, and was an excellent idea, even in the first release.  Even the Chinese knockoffs are pretty good still.

    What does iOS have going for it?  Its very smooth, and it rarely ever crashes.  It has a somewhat clean feel to it.  Thats it.  I could go on for PAGES with what Android offers.

    Why doesnt Apple try to sue Microsoft for using icons in the user interface, or the implementation of the “Start bar, or start menu”?  Because Apple wasnt original with it, and they know it.

    A little legal battle here and there ok, but when you do it, thinking your going to take over the world with your mass lawsuits, you lose respect as a company, and sooner or later, your hardware suppliers will stop supplying you your materials, and put you out of business for good.  If your going to fight, fight fair, but not this much, this is just dumb.

    What do you retarded Apple fan boys have to say about THEM APPLES!  LOL

  6. Apple is Losing me right now i can not believe them steve better send some blessings from heaven or hell lol but apple is truly making there self look like an ass 

  7. Apple socks the devils flute, did you know you can change your wallpaper on an iphone! Woe that is an amazing experience. What an amazing level of customisation, the whole look of iOS is terribly dated now android has smashed them. The new iPhone 4.5″ made of polycarbonate copying android much? 7 tablet after ol turtle neck said “7inch tablets are the work of Satan himself” now it’s ipad mini this and ipad mini that.. A nexus 7quad core hd screen an ipad mini is rotten to the core… Like apple.
    First apple Computer $666, Coincidence? Yes probably but maybe
    jobs sold his soul.

  8. Maybe Apple should spend their efforts innovating their products instead of trying to slow others down? I’m ashamed that I was drinking the Apple cool-aide a few years ago and actually lined up for the iPhone 4. It just really shows that Apple’s decline in sales is really hurting them and they need to recoup every penny they can get. If Apple could have it their way, they would own the patents for every gadget out there and charge a fortune for it. They had a big cry when Microsoft released Windows 3.0 and shortly after were in deep strife. Are we seeing history repeat itself and will we see Apple in financial troubles soon? If you think there’s no way in the world it could happen, look at RIM/Blackberry.. I rest my case,


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