The idea of a bendable phone is no longer surprising. The technology may not be perfect yet but it’s certainly possible. We’ve seen a few samples already including the Moxi and those from Samsung, Xiaomi, and Panasonic. This time, we’ve got some information about the Whammyphone. It’s a flexible smartphone that can bend sound. It’s something we didn’t really imagine but it’s possible as demonstrated in the video below.

This appears to be more of a musical instrument for a bendable smartphone in the future. The Human Media Lab researchers at the Queen’s University tested this device that can distort the sound and create sound effects like from a violin or a guitar. This project has focused on sound interaction because they can be useful in the future.

The Whammyphone also impresses with its 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution on a Flexible Organic Light Emitting Diode (FOLED) touchscreen display. You will see keys in different colors and a bend sensor. Bend the phone in a certain direction and it will play different sounds.

What triggers the sound is all the bending and movement to simulate a violin or guitar. The Whammyphone can be utilized to control the loops in an Electronic Dance Music. If this phone officially arrives in the market, then it can be added to any audophile, DJ, musician, or music geeks’ collection.

The WhammyPhone is currently being shown off in Japan in a special conference on Human-Computer Interaction.

VIA: Himam