It’s not only the athletes that are busy preparing for the Olympics happening in Rio, Brazil. Some big brands and companies are also working on new products and services they can offer for all the sports enthusiasts—athletes, sponsors, and spectators. For one, we know of Samsung with the limited Olympics edition of the Galaxy S7 edge. There’s also Google offering a comprehensive Rio Olympics guide through search. Other special offerings include the Rio Olympics 2016 keyboard app and T-Mobile giving unlimited talk, text, and data for Rio Olympics travelers.

This week, we learned that Waze is getting updates so people can get around Brazil easily. It’s not surprising because the country is one of the biggest Waze communities. It’s also one of the oldest so we know that Brazilians love the app.

When the app was only starting, map editors in Brazil came to Waze so they could work on improving the maps. Through the years, the Waze community in Brazil has remained to be active, influential, and vibrant. It’s been eight years since the Waze allowed a new community to flourish not only in terms of app usage but also the business.

In Sao Paulo, the Waze devs have just relaunched the LatAm Platform. About 20 Brazilians have been employed already in the international offices with different roles.

The Olympics Games in Rio de Janeiro are expected to have about half a million visitors. The number will be added to the almost 800,000 Wazers in Rio. Waze will be doing some enhancements and will be offering some new features to ensure that drivers know where to go and avoid as much traffic as possible.

Waze language settings the coach

If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands going to Rio for the Olympics Games, feel free to visit to check real-time traffic at six major intersections around the games. If you can’t be at the games in Brazil, you can join the fun by choosing “The Coach” as your sports navigator. The Coach can speak in both English or Portuguese. Go to MENU> Settings> Voice Language> The Coach then choose the language you prefer.

Waze Olympic Teams Country Flags

You can also join a team and show your support by displaying a flag. To select a team, go to MENU > My Waze> Teams> Select your country.