With the Rio 2016 Olympics set to begin in a few weeks, you will probably see a mad scramble for brands to court consumers into using their products while they will be at the world’s biggest sporting event. One constant problem that people traveling to Rio will have is worrying about their bill because of course they will have to have roaming once there in order to stay connected the whole time. T-Mobile is offering unlimited talk, text, and data for subscribers who will be watching in Rio and they even have a very special offer for relatives of the athletes the will be representing the US.

For the whole month of August, T-Mobile will have unlimited high speed data in Brazil, and if you are a subscriber to any of their Simple Choice plans, the moment you step off the plane, you’ll be able to have access to this. You will also be able to enjoy free calls and texts to the US, in case you need to update people there about the goings on in Rio. Actually, texting is free to over 140 countries worldwide as well, so you can also update your friends from elsewhere.

Family members of US athletes who will be competing in the Olympics will also get a special treat from T-Mobile. For the first 100 relatives to qualify for this promo, they will get a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and Samsung Gear 360 camera, plus of course free T-Mobile service so they can capture every exciting moment in Rio and share it with the rest of the world. You need to send an email to [email protected] and include details like which athlete you’re related to and when do you plan to be in Rio.

In his video blog for this promo, T-Mobile head honcho John Legere of course could not let go of the opportunity to take potshots (as he often does) at their competitors. He’s specifically targeting AT&T here, since they’re the official Olympics sponsor and Legere says they introduced a new “Brazil plan” where you add another $50 on top of your regular plan just to enjoy 1GB of data in Brazil.

SOURCE: T-Mobile