While the rest of us bear with Samsung’s incessant teasing before its May 3rd announcement of “the next Galaxy”, UK carrier Vodafone has jumped the gun a bit. They’re already setting up for the release of what is almost certainly the Galaxy S III with a generic update registration page. The small banner uses the same font and galactic style as Samsung’s own preview website, but doesn’t mention a date. That’s probably because it’ll be a while after the press event itself that we actually see the phone released to retail.

There’s nothing here that definitively states that Vodafone is getting the Galaxy S III (even Samsung has been extra-careful not to use that particular moniker) but it’s just about a done deal at this point. It’s also no surprise that Vodafone will get the device, and presumably with a subsidized discount – carrier exclusives are rare in the United Kingdom, unlike the continuous game of three-card Monte that is the US carrier system. In all likelihood the phone will be available unlocked in Europe and Asia as well.

There’s still very little concrete evidence of the Galaxy S III going around, and Samsung has stayed mum on the subject. A quad-core Exynos and a 4.6-inch Super AMOLED HD+ screen were tipped by sources with notable connections to the company, but beyond that our best body of evidence comes from a Vietnamese video claiming to show a disguised or pre-production version of the phone. Find the lady, Android fans: the cards will be revealed on May 3rd in London, and Android Community will be there live to cover it.