It seems that the folks over at Engadget have found their way into a demonstration of the upcoming Vizio Tablet from none other than Vizio. This device is a Gingerbread Android tablet at the moment, but Vizio has stated that they’re considering moving to Honeycomb before the device launches. This device has a 1024×768 pixel resolution display, is made to be multimedia oriented with HDMI out, speakers on the top and side for optimal listening and an IR controller again at the top so you can change channels on your television from your seat.

This device will be offered up for sale sooner than later – aka sometime this summer – for an incredible $349. Have we finally hit the point at which manufacturers are able to offer inexpensive AND high-quality Android tablets to the public? Let’s hope so. Have a look at this video filmed by the Engadget folks and meet me on the other side for some additional commentary:

We’ve got a bit more information on this tablet, that being that the date for the Walmart release is in July or August, that the price will indeed be $349 at all Walmart locations, and that Blake Griffin already has one.

This tablet doesn’t quite have the flashiness of the Galaxy Tab nor the first out of the gate flavor of the XOOM – it doesn’t even have a keyboard dock, for goodness sake! Does that matter though, or are you gonna bust our the wallet instantly upon being able to trade cash for V-Tab goodness?

[via Engadget]