If you follow the NBA, you might recognize the name Blake Griffin. Griffin is the NBA Rookie of the Year. Vizio has hooked up with Griffin, set his house up with a cool new Vizio 65-inch 3D TV, and brought the new Vizio tablet along for the ride that isn’t out yet. A guy that is apparently the Vizio rep then walks Griffin and the rest of us along in what the tablet can do when paired with a Vizio TV. The system is very interesting.

One of the basic features is that the tablet can control the Vizio home entertainment system as a remote control. I also like that the tablet has three speakers. Only two of the speakers are active at one time. The extra speaker allows you to get stereo sound in any orientation. When in portrait mode the top two speakers work and when in landscape mode only the side speakers work.

The tablet will also allow you to flick photos from it to the TV. The Vizio guy doesn’t go into how it allows that interaction. The thing looks pretty slick, but we will hold judgment until we get hands on one for ourselves. Check out the YouTube video below to see the thing in action. The Vizio tablet went official back in January during CES.

[via Engadget]


  1. ok i kno its a proto but seems laggy and skined or a phone os for android.  not a honeycomb tab so imagine the updating and fragg from this thing wow im glade a grab the acer tab


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