The Rabbids gang has been busy doing their tricks. If you’re familiar with the Rayman world, you would know these characters who we first saw from the Rabbids Crazy Rush and Rayman Fiesta Run. There are also appisodes you can join and watch on Android. This time around, the Rabbids go into the virtual realm so you can have more interesting and exciting experiences with them.

In ‘Virtual Rabbids: The Big Plan’, you are their hero. There’s a story you need to follow but your presence in the world of those nutty tools may change their future. The VR mobile experience makes the Rabbids more lovable than ever. In this VR game, you can be closer with them.

Put on that Daydream View headset of yours and enter the Rabbids’ world. The remote will let you have control within the game so all while doing some crazy stunts and activities. Being the main hero, you are lucky enough to interact with the Rabbids. You can actually communicate with them. Do everything in your power so you can reach the goals and finish the challenges.

Every gameplay is fun and exciting as there are many kooky objects and gadgets to collect and use. Hidden toys can be uncovered as well so don’t be surprised if you see new stuff lying around.

Download Virtual Rabbids: The Big Plan from the Google Play Store