Rabbids Crazy Rush Cover

Rabbids Crazy Rush will surely remind you of many other similar games. We won’t list them them here but you’re familiar with this endless runner action. Actually, we’ve played with the Rabbids before. We first learned about the Rabbids Big Bang game and the Rabbids show over a year ago. For this year, Ubisoft is rolling out the ‘Rabbids Crazy Rush’ as a new adventure for the funny rabbit’s famous franchise.

The Rabbids franchise has been successful over the past years. It has presence in 110 countries all over the world, selling about 14 million video games. The new game has arrived recently on the Google Play Store and started challenging mobile player to run, slide, jump, and avoid obstacles. You need to help the Rabbids to reach the moon, finish the missions, and figure out all the plots available so they can return home.

To help you in the game, collect different cans that will give you power for the balloon. You can get them fron anywhere you go with the Rabbids whether in farms, cities, or beaches. Feel free to customize your character and be as unique and colorful as possible.

Game is free to download but in-app purchases are offered.

Download Rabbids Crazy Rush from the Google Play Store

VIA: Gamasutra