Verizon Wireless seems to have kicked off their latest holiday sale. The sale includes discounts on a handful of Android smartphones as well as the option to score a free Droid RAZR in cranberry. Well, that is if cranberry colored smartphones are your thing.

Anyway, in terms of the discounted handsets. This list includes the Droid Incredible 4G LTE, Droid RAZR M, RAZR HD and the RAZR MAXX HD as well as the LG Lucid and the Pantech Marauder. Those last two, the Lucid and the Marauder are both free on a two-year agreement. And in terms of the discounts on those, this means a $20 savings on the Lucid and a $50 savings on the Marauder.

Moving back to the Droid branded handsets. Beginning first with the Incredible 4G LTE and the RAZR M, these are both $49.99 on a two-year agreement which means a $50 savings on both. The RAZR HD is $149.99 (down from $199.99) and the RAZR MAXX HD is $249.99 (down from $299.99). Of course, similar to the others, the RAZR HD and the RAZR MAXX HD both assume a two-year agreement.

Finally, the deal on the cranberry Droid RAZR. This handset will be free for those who are also buying any Motorola Droid RAZR. All said and done, these are some decent discounts, however we suspect some shopping around may score you even lower prices. Regardless of where you choose to shop though, if you are looking for advice on any of these handsets — make sure to check our reviews.

[via Verizon Wireless]