Rumors are pointing towards the Moto X coming available as of August 23rd. More specifically, we have seen August 23rd pegged as the release date for Verizon Wireless and then we had seen that same date thrown in the mix for all carriers. While Verizon Wireless has yet to confirm that date, they have made a bit of forward progress towards a release in the form of a teaser page.

At this time the Verizon Moto X page points towards the handset arriving in the “coming weeks.” The page doesn’t allow for pre-orders, but does allow you to trade an email address towards the promise of getting future Moto X related updates. More important though, Verizon has said the handset will be available in Woven Black and Woven White.

Big Red has also used this teaser page to remind users that the Moto Maker customization options are coming sometime “later this year.” Basically this just means Verizon users will need to start deciding whether they want to go with black or white or wait a little while longer and get a customized model.

Aside from the upcoming launch of the Moto X, Verizon Wireless still has some other handsets coming this month. They will be launching the new DROID line of handsets. This includes the DROID Maxx, Ultra and Mini. These handsets are all available for pre-order at the moment and are selling for $299.99, $199.99 and $99.99 respectively.

Those are the two-year agreement prices, however we also know that Verizon will be launching VZ Edge on August 25th. We aren’t necessarily convinced Edge will be the best way to go for everyone, however we suppose it is nice to have the option available. After all, there are likely more than a few willing to shell out more money each month for the privilege of not having an agreement and being able to upgrade more often.

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SOURCE: Verizon Wireless