When Motorola and Google announced the new Moto X smartphone last week, many were sad to hear that it wasn’t going to become available right away. Between all the rumors and over-hype, when Motorola confirmed it would arrive around “late August” the news was a bit depressing. Today though we have better news as tips are claiming it will hit ALL major US carriers on the 23rd.

If Google and Motorola can manage to get the phone to launch on all major US carriers, on the same day, that would be quite impressive. That’s something even Samsung wasn’t able to do with their flagship Galaxy S4. Which as we know hit most within a few weeks, and then took over a month for Verizon to carry it.

The Moto X is a bit of a mystery still. We know everything about it, but we’re not sure how well it will do in the real world in terms of sales. We’re big fans of the device here, even with the customizations being exclusive to AT&T, but that’s also going to change. Verizon confirmed they’d offer customization soon, and now we’re hearing that will start in November. That’s still longer than we’d like to wait, but at least it will become available.

The folks from Ad Age apparently know all of Motorola’s plans. From launch dates, ad campaigns, and how much they’ll be spending. So these details are quite interesting. In the end they claim that sources “close to the situation” have confirmed the device will roll out across the US and other regions on August 23rd.

The wait is almost over. Now we just need to learn about the Verizon HTC One, and the newly announced G2. It’s going to be a busy month of August over on Verizon, that’s for sure. Who’s interested in getting the Moto X?