Summer is coming and it looks like Verizon plans to make it a big one as usual, with what seems to be an explosion of some Android powered goodness all at the same time. Can you say dual-core, err i mean 4G LTE. Verizon may be planning just that. It might not be the same day, but there is also talk of the Xperia play hitting two weeks later on May 26th. This sounds a bit like T-Mobiles April 20th launch of the G2x, G-Slate, and Sidekick 4G all on the same day. Maybe Verizon liked that idea.

If any of this is correct, it looks to be a huge day for Android, and Verizon. With a slew of top tier high powered phones to start the summer off right. I’ll give you a small rundown just to be nice. The LG Revolution is a 4.3″ powerhouse from LG that will be a 4G LTE phone, then the Droid X2 everyone knows. It is the Droid X with a dual-core Tegra 2 cpu for all your power needs. Then they are even launching the Win Phone 7 HTC Trophy the same day, but that doesn’t concern us android fans all that much now does it.

That looks to be one crazy day for Verizon, but we welcome them all. Earlier we say this roadmap for release dates, but things change fast so you never know. Like we mentioned above, according to sources the Xperia Play will also be getting launched in May, but wisely that will be going off May 26th after the rest calms down, as it has quite a few people excited by itself I think. With these dates coming up soon it makes me wonder if this is accurate, but we’ll take what we can get.

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