Wow, talk about a lot of exciting products all launching at the same time. Usually carriers do one thing at a time. Looks like T-Mobile isn’t wasting any time trying to be the best even though they might become AT&T-Mobile. Today being April 20th, you can now purchase in-store the LG G-Slate, the LG G2x, and the Sidekick 4G. We have reviewed them all this week, so you’ll want to see those for sure.

Lets start with the Sidekick 4G. We all remember how popular that phone was for a long time, the original that is. We have done some exclusive hands-on and you can see that full review here. Next up is the awesome LG G-Slate, the 8.9″ dual-camera 3D capturing, dual-core featuring beast of an Android 3.0 tablet. Check out our full review of the G-Slate here. Last but not least is the LG G2x dual-core Tegra 2 smartphone that just launched on T-Mobile starting today also. We have been playing with it all week long, check out our G2x Review. Looks like our friend Chris Burns has been busy playing with all those toys.

We have also been doing all sorts of tests on these devices. Here are some G2x and Sidekick 4G speedtest results (varies by city/time of day or course). Or if you are stuck between the Thunderbolt, the Atrix, or the G2x check out this little comparison. I know that was a lot to take in, but enjoy it.

T-Mobile G2x is $199 with new 2-year contract, $499 if you buy it outright.
T-Mobile LG G-Slate is launching at $529 with same 2-year contract, or $749 off contract.
and the Sidekick 4G is starting at a surprisingly low price of $99 with new 2-year contract as well. It comes in Black, or Magenta.