The HTC DROID Incredible 4G LTE looks like a decent upgrade to the former Incredible phones, but after getting our hands on it at CTIA, we can say it’s just not up to par with the One X or One S. If you’re holding out for either to come to Verizon in the near future, you can stop waiting. A Verizon representative told PCMag that Verizon currently has no One series phones in the pipeline. You see this? This is my sad face.

HTC’s Verizon lineup seems a little stale at the moment – the Rezound is six months old and the DROID Incredible 4G LTE is a pale imitation of the One S, with a smaller screen, thicker, plastic body and a slower processor. Even worse, it lacks the Image Sense chip that makes the cameras on the other One series phones so impressive. With all three of the other major American carriers getting a piece of the One pie, we’ve got to wonder why Verizon seems to be settling for second place.

While HTC phones will certainly come to Verizon again in the future – the representative made no bones about that – it looks like they’re skipping over the current generation of high-end hardware. Big Red is looking to the likes of Samsung (with the Galaxy S III) and its old pal Motorola (with the DROID RAZR HD) for the time being. Oh well – at least the Rezound has an unlocked bootloader, right?

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  1. Why would Verizon put out a phone like the Incredible when it could’ve just put out the One series? Doesn’t make any sense. Motorola’s new phones suck and Samsung phones feel like a plastic play toy for children. It’s like Verizon likes pissing off their customers.

    • Because nobody except for htc fanboys want it.

      htc is also made of polycarbonate, the exact same material as Samsung’s phones.

      • Yeah, only an HTC fanboy would want a phone with the best specs on the market, an aluminum unibody design, and an unlocked bootloader. Stupid fanboys, when will they learn?


  2. Verizon is going out backwards. Either they think all this super secret stuff is the way to go, or maybe they think there at the top and they have the best coverage so they don’t have to work as hard for the customer’s. If At&t got there stuff together and had coverage that didn’t cut off at the city limits they would be kings. Verizon, please get your heads out of your asses and get back to high end devices by all manufacturers other than Motorola. And let the people know in advance what’s coming down the pipline.

    • It’s such a shame that you have such embarrassing grammar and spelling skills. You made a few good points, but it’s so hard to side with someone as ignorant as you are. Learn the difference between “there”, “their”, and “they’re”.

      • Alex856z, you can bite right THERE! suck a cock in THEIR OFFICE. and THEY’RE willing to let you do it. How’s that you fucking prick? You need to be teaching your dumb ass kids and old lady. Hit me back if you need my address. You coward motherfucker!

  3. Verizon freaking sucks… they can take their stupid droid phones and shove them. HTC One X, nokia lumia 900 and galaxy s3, best phones of the year and verizon wont get them. Instead a droid razr hd lol. Its like they just dont care

    • You forgot they skipped on the Nexus 4 too. It’s like their technical group is just retarded. Ferrari’s are screaming by and they think the best thing to do is go get a minivan to race it. Tarded.

  4. I’m not sure why nobody seems to get that the Incredible
    is built for a specific market.  Maybe it
    points to a deficit in HTC/Verizon marketing efforts, or since the phone isn’t
    out yet maybe it’s just reviewers and random (not to mention rude… come on guys!)
    people showing off their inability to get outside the “bigger, better,
    faster, more” mentality.  The
    Incredible was built for the many people who don’t want tablet PCs in their
    pockets.  There are a lot of people out
    there with small mitts who still want fast phones.  And even though I’m a pretty tall guy with
    big hands, I still don’t want a huge piece of hardware in my pocket all the
    time.  I want something with a smaller
    profile that has 4G.  I don’t generally
    use my phones for processor heavy tasks and since phones usually grow in size
    the more features they get, I’m happy to sacrifice rapid fire photography (which
    I see as the only significant difference between the Incredible and the One
    series), having only used the feature a few times in the 15 years I’ve been a
    serious amateur photographer.  I realize
    it isn’t what many people (like the authors and commenters here) want, but for
    a massive slew of people like me who have been living with outdated phones
    because we don’t want bigger equipment, this phone is exactly what we’ve been
    waiting for and I think you’ll see that it makes a lot of people really happy.  I do agree that I’d like to see some new Windows
    phones at Verizon, but as much as I like the Windows OS I don’t want a phone that
    doesn’t support hotspot.  And maybe you
    guys have forgotten that Verizon, which does have the best network by far (and
    in my opinion the best customer service), was king of the hill following
    the release of the Samsung Galaxy (the first ICS phone on the market), RAZR,
    RAZR Maxx, and Rezound.  That doesn’t mean
    they can sit back on their laurels, but they’re far from the company portrayed
    here as ‘sucking’ and ‘wanting to piss of their customers’.  I do wish they would make announcements
    sooner, but as far as the One series goes, I’m just not that interested and
    really don’t care if Verizon goes that way or not.

    • You have covered most of the bases with your input, and you made some valid points. But( and I know you felt that coming) Us high end user’s are not that happy with the lack luster phones verizon has been releasing. Q2 is almost over and for the year thus far, the high end user has seen nothing but disappointing news. In my opioion, Verizon is resting on there laurels with the best spectrum and the most advanced lte network. Most H.E.USERS don’t want to wait till the fall to get a superphone. I thought a business was there for the consumer not themselves.I was hoping for The SG3 by summer since nothing came out by verizon this year with the exception of there bedfellows, Motorola. I’ve sold my galaxy nexus, picked up the Maxx, rooted and modded that and its been running ics 4.0.3 since day 2.Now I’m ready to dump it on ebay ang get sone SG3 insanity. Then by jan 2013 I’ll be ready for something else. That’s how high a lot of high end user’s do it. FASTER, BIGGER AND BETTER! your a casual user and I respect that, but respect thehigh end consumers.

  5. Verizon will have cool phones phones in the fall I’m happy with my out of date rezound that has the clearest screen on the market all those one phones will be out of date in the fall as well

  6. This is my sad face too 8( …was so ready to ditch my glitchy bionic and go back to htc and htc sense. Bionic’s photography pales in comparison to the ones i captured with my ThunderBolt & Eris phones. ..Monday has struck again

  7. So is it possible to jailbreak the HTC One X to run on Verizon Wireless or no matter what because of the different network specs of AT&T and Verizon this is just not possible?


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