September 6 is coming up quickly. We’re excited to know how LG made the V20 different from the V10 or how “modular” it has become. We were told the new V series phone will have a lower resolution display and that some “Friends” will arrive with it on launch date. We also know it will be the first non-Nexus Android Nougat phone.

Just recently, LG confirmed that the next-gen V20 will boast of a 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC. It will be the first in the market to have such digital to analog converter. This means high quality audio from the smartphone as if you’re listening to a live performance of your favorite artist or rock band.

The 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC offers highly improved sound with reduced ambient noise levels. You’ll only hear crisp and clear audio with your LG V20. The company has partnered with ESS Technology to work on the Quad DAC that allows an excellent audio experience all the time.

The new feature will be on the LG V20 flagship phone so expect to experience high quality audio technology from your smartphone. The tech is usually found in premium audio equipment only but LG was able to squeeze it into the upcoming V20.

Mobile phones today aren’t all about speed, performance, displays, and processors. Some people demand for great sound performance being true blue audiophiles. LG took note of this and now wants to “bring best in class audio to LG V20 users”.