The LG V20 is arriving but we don’t know when exactly. We’re only certain that last year’s V10 is finally getting a follow-up. Not much details have been shared so we’re relying on leaks and rumors. Don’t worry, before the official launch of the LG V20, expect more legit and believable details to be made public. For now, we’ve got information that unlike the original V phone, this V20 will have a lower end display screen. We’re not sure why but we can only surmise the 2K hi-res screen is not really needed.

The LG V20 will be another flagship smartphone. It’s expected to be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 or 821 if it’s already available by the time of official launch. Rumor has it the phone will be ready in 32 or 64GB version with microSD card slot for storage expansion up to 256GB. RAM size is unknown but it should be 3GB or 4GB RAM. As for the camera, the phone is believed to have a new 20MP rear camera and 8MP front-facing cam.

We’re still not sure about the change in screen size and resolution but we’d understand if LG will indeed make the adjustments but they have to make sure price is less expensive. We have no idea if the V20 will have dual front cameras or an Always On display but we’re assuming the latter will still be available because it makes the V line different. We’re hoping too that this will be compatible with the Moto Mods.

At this point, we’re only certain about one thing: the LG V20 will powered by Android 7.0 Nougat–the first for LG and the first ever among non-Nexus Android devices.

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    • So if they are upping the battery capacity AND lowering the screen resolution the battery life on that thing better be great! Because the life on my V10 is TERRIBLE.
      Edit: OK if the screen is off Battey usage is negligible. But since I started typing this and my previous post I’ve watched it drop nearly 8%.

  1. I’ve got the V10 and I can tell you it’s a battery hog like none other. In the battery usage screen it is clearly the 2K screen that is the overwhelming culprit. This is a smart move from LG, I value a phone that can last for more than 2 hours than one I can watch 2K movies on…. although the 4K video and photo on the camera is just tits. But I don’t necessarily need to watch that video on the phone, I can wait till I’m at home and move it to my computer.


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