The Nexus 6 is not yet available but Google is busy preparing to release it. Interestingly, the Internet giant has been making small announcements about the smartphone. Its availability will expand to 12 more countries and we learned that stocks of the Google Nexus 6 will be replenished every Wednesday.

Google has already listed the Nexus 6 for pre-order and it immediately went out of stock. It was after it was spotted at the FCC and after we learned it will run Android 5.0 and will include ‘Ambient Display’.  We’re still waiting for T-Mobile’s Nexus 6 to arrive but I guess it’s not too early to shop around for possible protective phone cases for the device.

Recently listed on the Google Play Store are the Naked Tough Case and the Stand Folio Case for Nexus 6. The first case may be tough for rough use but it is lightweight, ultra slim, and features a minimalist design. It looks stylish in dual-layers and that transparent finish is very attractive. The Chrome buttons on the $35 Nexus 6 case gives it a polished look.

Stand Folio Case for Nexus 6

On the other hand, the Stand Folio Case for Nexus 6 is perfect for those people who have a lot of stuff. Use this folio to hold the Nexus 6 and your numerous credit cards and IDs. It has a built-in stand for landscape viewing so you can comfortably watch videos on the device.  Available for $40.

Stand Folio Case for Nexus 6 _c

No word on exact availability since the Nexus 6 still isn’t out but the two protective cases should be ready  as soon as the phone is out in the market.

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