The Toshiba Thrive is that full figured Android 3.1 Honeycomb tablet that was recently launched. Sadly some users were plagued with sleep and wake issues where the device was not turning on. Toshiba has issued an update for this issue and it is now available today for those that need it.

Toshiba quickly acknowledged the problem and made a statement saying an update would be coming shortly. It is now available today for download right on your device. In case you’ve missed it we recently were able to get the Toshiba Thrive in for a full review so clickity clack that link for full details.

Here is the official word from Toshiba:

A limited number of Thrive Tablet users have experienced a Resume issue when in Sleep mode. Toshiba has released a software update to resolve this issue, improving the sleep-and-resume performance, as well as enhancing the multimedia playback capabilities of the device. The software update can be downloaded through the Toshiba Service Station utility app found on the Thrive Tablet.

A few friends of mine have experienced this issue and are reporting the update was quick and only took about 10 minutes and has solved the problem. Feel free to reply in the comment section below if the update works for your tablet as we’d love to hear your thoughts. We also have a full rundown of all the specs for the Toshiba Thrive at our new phone and tablet database. Here is the Thrive specs:

[device id=567]

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  1. Fix didn’t work for me. Applied it last night. I allowed it to go to sleep on it’s own overnight. This morning it was once again it was stuck in sleep. Had to do the power down and restart. It’s really a shame because I like the tablet otherwise. I returned an Asus Transformer because of apps doing the “Forced Close” issues. I didn’t have that issue with the Thrive, but if it is going into a coma all the time it’s another deal killer. I’m thinking the issue is more of a Android Tablet issue in general and still too many bugs, but I’m not ready to go to the Dark Side yet.

    • Same here. I applied the update the same day it released and nothing has changed: still reboots by itself when I manually put it in sleep mode.

  2. I am not sure exactly what/how you applied the fix, since my fix worked perfectly. It now sleeps and wakes properly. Great job, Toshiba! Otherwise I would have returned the Thrive. Now I have added many useful apps, both free and commercial. The tablet French-Eng Dictionary from Larousse is even better than the iPod Larousse app, with more example phrases and definitions and more sound examples in both French and English. When more Android apps become tablet specific, the Android tablet market should be just as desirable as the iPad app market!

  3. Had purchased the 32G version (AT105-T1032) of the Thrive about two weeks ago (Aug 13th).  That same evening, started having problems with the unit not responding to touch.  Had been using it to read email and documents and look at pictures (didn’t add any apps), and found if left idle for a few minutes, could no longer scroll pages or select menus.  If left idle for a few more minutes, would sometimes start responding again – otherwise had to reboot.  Performed the OS update (to v3. but this still didn’t fix the issue.  About a week later another OS update (to .0032) came out, but still didn’t fix the “fails to respond to touch” problem.  Spent two evenings on phone with Toshiba tech support – problem was unresolved.  Ended up returning product as I don’t know when it will be fixed.

  4. “CPU Clock Speed : 1000 Mhz” I see this on the Hardware specs above and was reminded of my clock giving the wrong time as much as the right time. I am new to android os and have troubles figuring it out as i dont have alot of free time. Anyone experience these same isuues?

  5. Where do you go to find the service app on your thrive? i need to update mine but iahve no idea where to go to update it. can someone help me?


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