ToonsTV has always been a regular fixture in any Rovio game. After playing a number of Rounds of Angry Birds, Nibblers, Plunder Pirates, Sky Punks, or Jolly Jam, you can take a break and watch some shows on ToonsTV. Rovio has decided to release a standalone video app and it will offer new Stella and Angry Birds Toons episodes first.

Rovio boasts of over five billion views from the within the mobile games. The number is from all over the world. While the idea of showing toons within the app has been effective and successful, the developers thought that maybe it’s about time that the “program” gets its own app. ToonsTV has millions of fans already so it makes sense Rovio gives it its very own spotlight.

ToonsTV shows the Angry Birds series and more family-friendly and educational shows. Kids and adults alike enjoy the shows. It has since become another strong source of income for Rovio because of the ads. It even won a ‘Best Video Distribution/Syndication Platform’ DigiDay award earlier this year.

The new ToonsTV app promises a bit of exclusivity–new episodes are released a couple of days before the official launch on web. You can now download it from anywhere in the world. Go on, enjoy and start to ‘Play All’ and watch all your fave shows without any interruption.

Download ToonsTV: Angry Birds video app from the Google Play Store



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