Rovio really knows how to combine unique gameplay, cool graphics, and mesmerizing background music when it comes to developing a new game. The company has already made millions of dollars (no, probably billions) from the Angry Birds franchise but admit it or not, it now needs to think of new money-making schemes or at least to make famous new characters.

A number of games have been released by Rovio already including Plunder Pirates, Sky Punks, or Jolly Jam. They’re all fun but Nibblers’ music got our attention. I’m a sucker for cutesy puzzle games that have cool music that will get me in the mood.

Nibblers is something like Candy Crush that you’d want to finish as soon as possible. You maybe addicted to the fruity puzzle game as a ‘nibbler’ who wants all the fruits. The Nibblers’ boast of special powers to use in each level to beat the reptilian inhabitants in the island.

The Nibblers may be cute by they will do everything in their power to protect the fruits. They’re a group of sea creatures that delight in nibbling all those fruits all while taking out obstacles and toppling those lizards in the game.

Nibblers puzzle game is a simple match-three challenge. There are more than 200 levels to finish but we’re certain more will still be added. Our aqua friends braved to go out of the sea and into the jungle as they start on an island adventure.

As with other popular and similar match-three puzzle games, you can play solo or play online with friends and beat them in the leaderboards. The island map is available for you to navigate on so make sure you do your best as a Nibbler and oh, avoid those mean lizards you see at all cost.

Download Nibblers from the Google Play Store


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