Congratulations, Android gamers: combined with Windows, Mac and Linux users, you’ve purchased almost 130,000 copies of the first Android Humble Bundle, raising almost $800,000 for developers and charities like the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play. To celebrate, the organizers have thrown in a fifth game, Toki Tori, an updated version of Two Tribes’ classic puzzle/platformer. New purchasers can access Toki Tori after paying, and those who have already bought the bundle can download the new game via their unique link. To get the bonus game World of Goo you still need to pay more than the average, now sitting at $6.12.

If you’re new to Humble’s Indie Bundles, here’s how it works: you name your own price for a collection of small yet generally well-accepted games. You can pay any amount you like – be generous and pay a hundred bucks, or be a jerk and pay a dime. You can choose how your money will be split up: give all of it to the developers or all of it to charity, or any combination of the two. For the last year or so all of the games offered have been cross-platform among PC operating systems, and all the games in the first Android bundle can also be played on Windows, Mac or Linux. You can download all the files for all the platforms once you pay Humble.

The first four titles offered in the bundle were strategy game Anomaly: Warzone Earth, physics puzzler Edge, chill twitch game Osmos, and World of Goo, which unlocks for those generous enough to spend more than the average price at time of purchase. All of the games are DRM free, can be activated on the desktop version of Steam for you gamers who like to keep it integrated, and you even get free soundtracks. If all of this sounds like a great deal (an it is), hurry up and head on over to the Humble Bundle site – there’s only five days left in the promotion.