The Nook Color is a favorite of Android modders, and for today only, you can get one for a cool $100 off the retail price. Daily Steals has a refurbished version of Barnes & Noble’s versatile wifi 7-incher for just $150 – only a few dollars more than an e-ink Nook or Kindle, and well below any brand-name Android tablet you’re likely to see at the moment.

The sale ends at midnight, or presumably as long as the stock holds out, so if you’re in the market for a Nook Color don’t delay. Then again, if all you’re looking for is a capable 7-inch tablet that’s ripe for modding, you may want to wait for the Amazon Kindle Fire‘s November release – it will only be $199, if you can find one. Also, Barnes & Noble is due to update the Nook Color to a newer model in the next few months.

Root enthusiasts and custom ROM users have been having their way with the Nook Color since it was released last November. While the tablet itself runs Barnes & Noble’s locked-down reader version of Android, it’s unique boot priority makes it a snap to load up custom software on a MicroSD card. Modified versions of 2.2 Froyo and CyanogenMod 7 are popular among advanced users, and adventurous types can even load up a version of Honeycomb cobbled together from the desktop emulator.

If you’re ready to buy, head over to Daily Steals now – there’s no telling how long the current stock will last.

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[via Android Police]