It appears that the booksellers Barnes & Noble have another Android tablet in the works, this next generation Nook Color 2 (or whatever it may be called) appearing to be set to be released as early as this month, so says Digitimes in Taiwan. It is in Taiwan that manufacturers are said to be speaking about a brand new version of what we know as a quite decent eReader and undeniably hackable Android tablet. Details on the next eBook reader are at the moment still sparse, but we’re to understand that this new device will have the same 7-inch display size as the current generation, companies TPK Holdings and Inventec responsible for touch panels and the device’s assembly process respectively.

One of the new unique features we’re seeing as a possibility for this next tab is a possible E Ink partnership with the company providing e-paper backplates for the Nook Color 2, this meaning the tablet may have one of the first color E Ink displays on the mass market. Take a look at Chris Davies hands-on with a new color E Ink tablet over at IFA 2011 and let us know if you think this is what the Nook Color 2 could be looking at:

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We’ve had a long history with the first Nook Color, aka NOOKcolor as it was called back then – yours truly did a full “Week With” review of the device when it was originally released. Check it out and let us know if you’d consider picking up the second generation!
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[via Digitimes]