The Google Play Store is loaded with games. Without calling out any specifics, there are many that are not so good – and some that are really, really good. Everything from casual games to more in depth games such as Dead Trigger and Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. But for the focus here, lets concentrate on the casual games. A few of the top developers in this realm include Imangi Studios, Rovio Mobile, Halfbrick Studios and Zepto Lab.

Just for those who may not be as familiar with the developer names, Zepto Lab has Cut the Rope, Halfbrick Studios has Fruit Ninja, Rovio Mobile has Angry Birds and Imangi Studios has Temple Run. We are getting ready to see the release of Temple Run 2 for Android, but in the meantime — we are beginning to wonder if Imangi Studios will stray from the Temple Run brand.

You see, they already have some other apps available for iOS. In addition to Temple Run, Imangi has also released a game called Harbor Master for iOS, which is actually quite a bit of fun. The reason we are wondering here, it seems the other studios have all strayed and experimented a little bit. For example, in addition to the numerous Angry Birds games, Rovio Mobile has also released Bad Piggies and Amazing Alex. The Amazing Alex game is quite a bit of fun, well, that is assuming you like easy to pick up puzzle games.

Alternatively, Halfbrick Studios also moved away from Fruit Ninja with the release of Jetpack Joyride — another fun game, though based on the ‘installs’ number in Google Play, one that may not have been nearly as popular as Fruit Ninja. The last remaining example here is Zepto Lab who in addition to Cut the Rope, has release another puzzle style game called Pudding Monsters.

Bottom line here, it seems that most of the more well known app developers have strayed. Maybe out of experimentation, or maybe out of necessity. We cannot pinpoint the reason as to why, however it does leave us wondering whether we will see a Temple Run 3, or something different come from Imangi Studios in the future. And while Temple Run is quite a bit of fun, it may be nice to see what other tricks they have up their sleeves.