Telltale Games is one of those gaming outfits that just seem to know what they want to do, and they do it pretty darn well. The company probably hasn’t had a miss in a long while – with popular episodic point-and-click story-driven adventure games like “Tales from the Borderlands”, “Batman”, and “Minecraft: Story Mode” already under their belt. Now Telltale takes on the story of Star-Lord and his motley crew of misfits – “Guardians of the Galaxy”, of course.

Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series is now available via the Google Play store. More specifically, Episode 1 is now available, the episode is called “Tangled Up in Blue”. If you’ve played any of Telltale’s episodic point-and-click (point and tap?) adventures before, you’ll know what to expect – a well-written story with great voice acting and twists in the plot that you won’t expect.

The gameplay is pretty much the same – Telltale has had great success with this genre, and as they say, “If it’s not broken…” It’s very far from being broken – in fact, people have come to love the interactive storytelling that Telltale has given them with each new game.

You can download the game via the download link below, and expect that each episode will cost you a bit of money. This first episode will cost you USD$4.99 – although we expect Telltale to put up a promotional “season pass” at discounted costs soon.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store