Minecraft- Story Mode - A Telltale Games Series!

Hardcore Minecraft fans, rejoice! Just when you’re getting bored with all those pixels, a new project by Telltale Games and Mojang is being introduced to tickle your fancy. It’s a new game that brings story mode to Minecraft as a standalone game. This new game mode allows the player to make his own choices within the story as part of a narrative. This one isn’t just being prepared for Android as it will also be available for Windows, iOS, OS X, Xbox, Playstation consoles before the year 2015 ends.

Over the weekend, the first official trailer was shown at the MineCon in London. The ‘Minecraft: Story Mode’ features Jesse (portrayed by Patton Oswalt) going on a new journey to search for The Order of the Stone. He’s in this epic adventure together with other characters voiced by the following: Dave Fennoy, Billy West, Corey Feldman, Paul Reubens, Scott Porter, Martha Pluimpton, Ashley Johnson, and Brian Posehn. All these characters have been called to save the world from chaos and terror.

Jesse and his friends need to find The Order of the Stone. The order consists of four adventurers know for being the Warrior, Griefer, Architect, and the Redstone Engineer. Finding these four will help Jesse be the hero the world needs.

Minecraft Story Game Mode

Thanks to Telltale Games for coming up with this original story that still follows the Minecraft logic. No word on exact release date but game will be available for download in the latter part of the year. Note that this is different and separate from the original Minecraft game. It’s a newly developed game but still follows the unique gameplay of Minecraft.

Telltale and Mojang worked hard together on this new game story mode to bring a new tale of survival and adventure. It’s a new world for the Minecraft fans who’ve been wanting something new. As if the imaginations of Minecraft players are not widely used, this new Minecraft game brings the “players the chance to explore their own unique interpretation of the Minecraft universe” according to Mojang’s Chief World Officer.

VIA: The Telltale Blog