T-Mobile customers are no doubt feeling a little left out of the Ice Cream Sandwich party – most of the carrier’s high-end phones don’t even have leaked versions of Android 4.0 available. But according to an internal leak spotted by TmoNews, three of the biggest players for T-Mobile will be getting Ice Cream Sandwich in the near future. The internal screenshot shows the Samsung Galaxy S II getting ICS on May 14th, with HTC’s Sensation 4G and Amaze 4G (which already has an ICS leak) following on June 16th.

They’ve also spotted releases for some hitherto unknown hardware. On May 9th the Huawei Astro will be dropping, and it appears to be a low-end handset along the lines of a WildFire or Optimus One. On July 11th both Huawei MyTouch phones will hit. And It looks like Samsung has a trio of new phones coming to T-Mobile in July and August, but none of them are running Android.

But wait, isn’t something missing here? Where’s the Galaxy Note for T-Mobile, which was spotted earlier this week with some unmistakable branding and apps? This probably means that its launch date hasn’t been set in stone yet, though you could take the overly optimistic view that it’ll be here sometime before May 9th. And where’s the update for the nearly new Galaxy S Blaze 4G? Also, T-Mobile customers looking for something new should consider that the unlocked Galaxy Nexus on sale in the Google Play Store works with Magenta’s HSPA+ bands.


  1. June 16th for the amaze? Are u kidding tmo?? I’ve been using the leaked update for about three days and it runs flawlessly. So either tmo is loading the update with useless crap that u can’t delete without rooting or they are sitting there with their thumbs up their a$$es. Thanks to HTC for dropping the leak, atleast someone cares about the consumer

  2. REALLY i have to wait until june to get ics when i should have had it last month. now i know why alot of people are saying screw android and going with either an iphone or a windows phone i have had an android phone for some time now and to be honest i love them but i mean really they did the same crap with the cliq xt then they did it with the g2 and now the same thing with my htc sensation what the f*ck tmo

    • I will not veliabe them again …. I think they may do something nasty and change the time for it to come. Because remember the Galaxy S III is coming out they my wanna boost the Sells for that phone too. 

  3. I kinda think they delayed the update not because of soft ware issues but because of the fact they where launching the HTC One Series phone and just wanted to drive up the sales of the phone. i am sorry as of late i am starting to hate all cell phone providers and all companies who makes phones. 

    • Glenn I am sure that is why they did it . They are so nasty . I could just try to sell the phone if it is so good it will sell but in stead they try to make people buy it . When I call customer service . Tmobile . I asked about ICS for my HTC Sensation they said Actually there is a new phone coming out with the ICS on it…. 

  4. Now What is it going to be. in June .? another … The update is not ready yet Because a new phone is coming out We’ll boost the sells on that phone so you Have to wait again . They are just playing . So dishonest 

  5. We supposed to have ICS for Galaxy S2 today, they confirmed it over two weeks ago and it was official, what happened this time TMO? Me like most are getting tired of waiting.!?

  6. AAPL is making GOOG, TMOB and SAMSUNG look silly.  I am a committed Android user and prefer the OS. But this roll out business is really stupid.  User Experience is more than screens, buttons and smooth animations.  OS upgrades and roll outs are a BIG part of the experience.  I am having a BAD experience

  7. omg. “i hate phone makers and sellers…”waa, waa, waa. try making your own phone loser. ya, that’s what i thought.


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