If you’re living in New York and you’ve got a T-Mobile device or have pals and family with T-Mobile carried devices, you can rest assured that there is indeed a real problem going on and that the carrier has confirmed it via Twitter. All you emailers chatting us up this morning will be happy to know that T-Mobile will “restore service as soon as possible” so you can start accessing your Google+ accounts and join us in the fun all day long. Everyone outside New York seems to be completely unaffected.

Speaking of T-Mobile, did you know that we’ve got not one, not two, but THREE T-Mobile Android devices on deck? That’s right, three T-Mobile Android handsets coming your way very soon, perhaps even today if you’re feeling lucky. Those devices are documented in the following ways thus far: T-Mobile Samsung Dart Hands-on and Physical Comparison to Exhibit 4G and Gravity Smart, then the hands on with the other two: T-Mobile Samsung Gravity Smart Hands-On and Unboxing and T-Mobile Samsung Exhibit 4G Hands-On and Unboxing. Getting pretty pumped up yet?

On the other hand, chances are you’re currently working with an HTC Sensation, which you can of course get a full review of or a hands-on of right here. You could on the other hand be using one of the following, all devices which we’ve reviewed on the T-Mobile circuit in the past few months:
LG G2x
LG G-Slate
HTC MyTouch 3G Slide
Samsung Galaxy Tab