This is straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. T-Mobile CEO John Legere stated on Twitter, rather indirectly, that the Motorola Moto X will be coming to the carrier around September. And he couldn’t resist the chance to take a jab at rival AT&T.

When the Motorola Moto X was launched early this month, all major US carriers committed to the availability of the device in the near future. However, AT&T seems to have gained some unique advantage, being the first to have made the smartphone available to customers and a sweet spot on the Moto Maker customization tool. In contrast, T-Mobile customers were left a bit hanging with no other resort than to buy the Moto X, which is compatible with T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network, directly from Motorola.

Now it seems that T-Mobile users will just have to wait a bit longer for a sweeter deal. Legere took aim at how AT&T doesn’t offer upgrades and asked which T-Mobile customers will be jumping to a Moto X in September. This is in reference to T-Mobile’s JUMP program that it launched last July which allows customers to upgrade to a new smartphone twice a year. So now the T-Mobile audience can breathe a little easier knowing that this hottest new smartphone is included in the JUMP options.


T-Mobile has also set up a section for the Motorola Moto X in its support site, which already contains links to guides. There are still no details on the exact date of availability or if there will be differences in pricing. Also unknown at this point is how and when T-Mobile will go about making Moto Maker also available to buyers.

VIA: phoneArena