Go T-Mobile! Just announced today T-Mobile will help holiday shoppers escape the dark lines of Black Friday and scrambling crazy people by holding their own sale a bit earlier than you’d expect. Saturday, November 19th will be dubbed “Magenta Saturday” where T-Mob’s will be offering all smartphones and many tablets for just $49 or less — but as usual there are a few catches.

This deal is for one day one, Saturday, and customers will be able to purchase any smartphone and a few tablets like the G-Slate for just $49 as a down payment. However, the devices must be purchased along with one of T-Mobiles unlimited value plans (with 2-year agreement) and the user will actually pay the full down payment — for most phones this is $199 or less, then receive a mail in rebate bringing the total down to $49.99 or less. Many devices will become free but all customers will be paying something out of pocket. While the deal isn’t as great as it sounds you can still get a few amazing phones on the cheap.

Some of the devices we can expect for these awesome prices in the world of Android include the brand new HTC Amaze 4G, Galaxy S II, Samsung Exhibit II and the myTouch Q, then a few slates like the G-Slate and Dell Streak 7. The list above should clear up any device availability and pricing for those interested. As always there are probably a few additional details you should probably check into first so we suggest you call your T-Mobile rep and get all the details. Or just head to a store Saturday and enjoy the holiday sale. More information is also available at the source link below.

[via T-Mobile]