Now I know what you’re all thinking after reading that title. Isn’t the myTouch line all made by HTC? Yes, yes they are. What we have here is the new LG myTouch Q headed to T-Mobile. Apparently there’s two of them, one is a QWERTY slider (hence the Q) and the other will be a regular phone and be called the T-Mobile myTouch by LG.

Now things get a bit interesting here because all previous myTouch models were made by HTC. Maybe T-Mobile going in another direction with the myTouch line now that HTC will be focusing on Beats, but we can’t know for sure. Last LG news for T-Mobile was in a leaked roadmap you can read about here. On that list was an LG Maxx and the LG Maxx Q. Most likely that is what we are seeing here but specs aren’t confirmed.

The image above was spotted on YouTube by the official T-Mobile page but was quickly removed. The name of the videos were Camera Touch 1280×720 while the other was called Camera QWERTY 1280×720. Does this mean we can expect some sort of 4.0″ or bigger screen with the new LG myTouch sporting a 1280×720 resolution display? We have no idea. From the photo they appear more like a 3.5 or 3.7″ screen device that would line up better along with the LG Univa. The Univa is a entry level phone with a weak single-core processor and the myTouch brand has never been a low end line so we are assuming this is something different here.

We have no further details regarding any new myTouch offerings from either HTC nor LG so this will have to wait until more info leaks out. The images clearly show something is coming, we just don’t fully know what yet. Thoughts?

[via AndroidGuys]