AT&T has already rolled out the awaited KitKat upgrade to the LG G2, but T-Mobile customers are still left waiting. In the meantime, those who can’t wait much longer can try their luck with this leaked factory image for the smartphone bearing Android 4.4, and apparently some rather questionable changes as well.

Although slated for December, based on info provided by our favorite French carrier slash informant SFR, the LG G2 Android 4.4 update has been delayed again and again, with LG Canada mentioning a rather vague 2014 first quarter ballpark date. Early January, a G2 was spotted running the said Android version. Finally this week, AT&T let go the Android 4.4 release for their subscribers.

This Android 4.4 factory image for the LG G2 was provided by a member of XDA, so no guarantees are given. It is, however, interesting to note comments regarding some of the things missing in the image. For one, the new Android Runtime or ART is reported to be missing, which is rather strange considering ART made its debut precisely in Android 4.4. But perhaps more surprising to users is the fact that the NFC-based Tap To Pay feature in Google Wallet seems to have been disabled. Granted, such payments are not that widely in use anyway, but some users have wondered if T-Mobile purposely disabled it in order to give an advantage to its own Tap To Pay system.

That said, being an unofficial and unconfirmed firmware, we cannot yet consider these things as final. If the image did indeed come from T-Mobile’s servers, then an official rollout might soon be at hand and T-Mobile subscribers should probably sit this one out for the time being.

VIA: Reddit