There has been plenty of chatter lately about the Sony Xperia Z coming to T-Mobile. The carrier has confirmed the handset is coming, however they have yet to offer much past that little bit. The confirmation came by way of a quietly launched coming soon page that appeared on the T-Mobile website earlier in the month. While the carrier has yet to offer a release date, a recent leak is suggesting that may be happening in mid-July.

The possible date is July 17th and it is coming by way of a T-Mobile roadmap. Of course, the key here remains the fact that this is a leaked roadmap which really just goes to say this date could still change. Basically, it is important to remember that nothing is official until we hear it direct from T-Mobile.

Looking back we had been expecting the carrier to announce the Xperia Z on June 13th but as we now know — that didn’t happen as expected. The interesting twist on that, T-Mobile had posted a short teaser video on YouTube on June 12th with the promise of further details within 24 hours. That teaser video didn’t specifically mention the Xperia Z, however it was asking the question of; What if your smartphone could do this? — and had a handset recording video while underwater.

Otherwise, we have also seen mentions of the Xperia Z show up on some T-Mobile support pages. Those mentions were all protected and unavailable for viewing at the time, but it did at least give the impression that T-Mobile was getting things setup on the backend.

Plus, there was the comments from Sony CEO Kaz Hirai back in late May. At that time the CEO talked about how (without mentioning specifics) the Xperia Z was “expected to arrive on a US carrier shortly.” All said and done, it is looking like just about everything is ready and we just need the official word from T-Mobile. Anyone think the July 17th date will hold accurate, or will this end up being another small piece in the bigger picture?

VIA: TmoNews