T-Mobile has recently posted a short video on YouTube. The video measures in at just 23 seconds in length and shows little more than someone diving into a pool and then swimming a short distance underwater. That may sound a little strange by itself, but then we look back to the earlier rumors which have been leading up to an announcement for the Sony Xperia Z — which just so happens to be a waterproof handset.

That said, T-Mobile hasn’t said which handset they are talking about with this video. What they have offered is a bit of a teaser for what is coming tomorrow. Along with the video is word about how T-Mobile will be making an announcement on June 13th. No word yet on when the handset may be arriving for sale, or how much it will cost once available, but we hope to see those details revealed on June 13th.

While the evidence has been building for a T-Mobile Xperia Z for sometime now, there is also another waterproof handset that will be getting some attention on June 13th. That other is the GALAXY S 4 Active and coincidentally, AT&T has also shared a waterproof teasing video today. Bottom line here, it looks like tomorrow will be a good day for those looking to pick up a waterproof smartphone with a US carrier.

On the topic of these video teasers, we do have to remind T-Mobile that video looks much better when shot horizontally. That pet peeve aside, we do look forward to seeing what will be announced tomorrow. And if nothing else, June seems like a good month to have these waterproof handsets coming available. So how about it, anyone excited about picking up an Xperia Z with T-Mobile?

VIA: TmoNews