T-Mobile has yet to officially announce the Sony Xperia Z, however it looks like another piece of evidence has surfaced. Basically, it is looking like a release date is getting closer. This latest bit of evidence has arrived directly from the T-Mobile website, specifically on the support pages. The carrier has recently added quite a few how-to pages dealing with the Xperia Z.

The listing shows pages for everything from messaging, battery and power to the software version, screen and keyboard. On the flip side, these pages are not fully accessible just yet. Of course, without the handset being available for use, not being able to access the pages may not be quite as important at the moment. Perhaps more to the point here, this is just another piece of evidence that seems to be building toward the eventual release.


Otherwise, the D11 conference, which took place in late-May brought confirmation that the Xperia Z would be available with a US carrier soon. That comment was dropped by CEO Kaz Hirai, who said the Xperia Z is “expected to arrive on a US carrier shortly.” While we could read into the singular form of carrier, we have seen previous evidence suggesting T-Mobile and AT&T.

The T-Mobile evidence has been greater, however an FCC filing did offer hints of an AT&T release. Shifting over to the T-Mobile evidence and we have seen everything from an FCC filing to various odd leaks. The FCC filings were showing LTE support for the respective carriers.

Bottom line here, between all these signs pointing towards a T-Mobile branded Xperia Z and the confirmation about how the handset would be available with a US carrier soon — it now seems this has become more of a when as opposed to an if type of situation. Alternatively, if you happen to be in the US and somehow feel like you cannot wait any longer for an Xperia Z, Sony had begun selling them unlocked back in early-May.

VIA: G for Games

SOURCE: T-Mobile