Users who have picked up the LG G2X at T-Mobile USA are reporting random freezes or reboots from the handset. Removing the battery or performing a soft reset is not solving the issue. And a full on hard reset does little to solve it either. As you may recall from our post last week, this isn’t the first time the G2X has been acting quirky. In that story, we reported screen bleeding affecting screen colors, especially on a black screen. Now this issue and it can only point to one thing …

Go Fever. Back in the 60s during the Apollo program, the ongoing worry was being so eager to get there that problems and defects were overlooked. And with the wild west competition for getting out the latest and greatest handset and riding the wave of hype and interest, it can often be easy to release a product first, and fix the bugs later in a firmware update. But quality control issues can also kill the wave, causing future users to look elsewhere.

Fortunately, G2X users have been able to exchange the defective handsets for another. But if it’s a design issue, it’s not really clear what good that does. And if it’s a software issue, then they’ll have to wait for that update. Then again, it isn’t happening to every G2X user just yet, so only time will tell what the answer is. Stay tuned.

[via Gotta Be Mobile]