It’s a new month and once again it’s time for the Stadia Savepoint updates for the recap of all the action. In 2021 we’ve seen Stadia go from strength to strength with its new game launches on the platform (some exclusive to Stadia) and new features like State Share that change the whole complexion of having fun with buddy gamers – challenging them for the next bragging rights.

That said, players got the taste of titles like HITMAN 3, Madden NFL 21, and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game. Little Nightmares II is now available on Stadia Pro. Players also got to have unstoppable fun in the Hotline Miami, Figment, and Enter the Gungeon.

Coming back to the Stadia exclusive State Share feature (it’s so cool we can’t ever stop mentioning it) launched in January with the ability to have a go at the bits of in-game state shared by fellow players. The ability to try out the same custom level/mission of the game as the one your friend out to be exciting gives Stadia an edge over any gaming platform.

Even though the player may not have unlocked that bit of the game or in-game accessories, the feature allow them to have a slice and even beat the high scores. State Share came to the HITMAN – World of Assassination trilogy and PixelJunk Raiders (free with Stadia Pro) with more games expected to come with the ability soon.

In February came the free games like Crayta: Starter Edition, Destiny 2, and Super Bomberman R Online. Players can even create their own games and share with friends or try out the community creations.

As for the future, more than 100 games are landing on the platform this year with the likes of FIFA 21 coming March 17, Kaze and the Wild Masks on March 26, Outriders on April 1 and Judgment on April 23. Also do keep an eye on Far Cry 6, Riders Republic, and Hello Engineer.