Sony is continuing the induction of its smartphones into the roster of Android 4.4 devices, which will surely give KitKat’s numbers a boost in next month’s distribution chart. This time, it’s the turn of the Xperia T2 Ultra and its dual SIM wielding twin to get the KitKat treatment, and Sony is revealing what it added on top of that chocolatey goodness.

The Xperia T2 Ultra isn’t exactly an old device. Unveiled in early January, the smartphone is unmistakably a mid-tier phablet designed to cater to those who like big screens with low specs, and presumably low prices. The 720p screen measures a full 6 inches, while the quad-core CPU clocks at 1.4 GHz, teamed up with 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal storage. For a mid-range device, it does sport a slightly impressive 13 megapixel rear camera, though paired with a 1.1 megapixel front shooter, both bearing Sony’s Exmor mark.

In addition to the usual laundry list of Android 4.4 improvements, which includes cloud printing, “Project Svelte”, and immersive mode, Sony also took the opportunity to update the Xperia T2 Ultras with its most recent software package and UI tweaks. Of course, Sony’s native apps such as messaging, Smart Connect, and Social Camera have been updated to their latest versions. Its media apps like WALKMAN, Albums, and Movies have been improved with better integration into the company’s entertainment hub. It has also pulled in Xperia Themes, definitely an enviable feature that no other custom OEM ROM has by default.

Although Sony has already announced the update for the Xperia T2 Ultra, its actual arrival will of course vary by market and carrier. And the manufacturer isn’t even done yet. It will soon be rolling out Android 4.4, with those same Sony exclusive features, for the Xperia E1 and Xperia M2, both mid-tier devices also announced early this year.