If you think Sony doesn’t do mid-range, think again. At MWC this week, Sony is introducing their Xperia M2. Though not the top-end flagship we’re used to seeing from Sony, the Xperia M2 certainly is a profound smartphone. Like you’d expect from a Sony handheld, they’ve packed a punch with this one.

In keeping with their tradition of “camera first”, Sony is touting the 8MP shooter as “best in it’s class”. The shooter has an Exymor sensor, and HDR. It also has a few neat features of the big brother, 20.7MP Xperia Z2 like Timeshift burst. For where it sits in the lineup –and against other devices in its “class” — the shooter here is more than adequate.

The Xperia M2 is no slouch in the specs department, either. A 4.8-inch qHD display is also “best in class” (or at least ‘largest in class’, according to Sony), and a Snapdragon 400 processor. It’s also an LTE handset, which really just might be class leading without debate. A 2300mAh battery with Sony’s stamina mode help keep you running all day long.

At only 8.6mm thin, Sony says it’s also the thinnest smartphone in its class. If you’re wondering what ‘class’ really means here, Sony defines it as any device which costs less than 220 euro ($330 or so) at launch. That firmly plants it in mid-range territory, and as Sony tends to do will likely occupy the top-end of the pricing spectrum as well. Even with a slightly higher price tag, Sony’s mid-range Android phone is one we like, and will look forward to. We’re here at MWC all week, so be sure to keep coming back for all your mobile device wants and needs!