It seems like everybody’s getting into the 3G tablet game these days, especially on AT&T: Samsung, HTC, Acer and even Pantech have all released models within the last 6 months. But so far, Sony hasn’t seemed all that interested in anything but WiFi for its Tablet S, at least in the United States – back home in Japan, 3G models of both the Tablet S and Tablet P are available.  According to a recently leaked roadmap, that may soon change, with a new Sony tablet code-named the Crystal.

Not much is known about the device’s hardware, except that it’ll be restricted to HSPA+ networks. That’s a shame, considering that even cheap tablets are using AT&T’s LTE data speeds now. However, the report states that the tablet will launch in the first quarter (possibly on February 18th like the Samsung Galaxy Note) for $409.99. That price almost certainly includes a two-year data contract, because every Android user wants nothing more than a 24-month lock-in while the hardware world whizzes by.

So, what is it? Since we haven’t heard anything about drastically improved hardware, it seems likely that the Tablet S (above) will be getting a slight make-over and a new name. AT&T and other American carriers like to do that sort of thing: see also the Sony Ericsson Xperia S, given a slightly different shell and renamed the Ion for AT&T’s customers. That said, it’s always possible that Sony’s managed to keep brand new hardware under wraps for months. If that’s the case, a reveal at Mobile World Congress in February would be a likely scenario.

[via BGR]


  1. It actually sound ludicrous to me for Sony to launch an Android tablet that’s going to cost over $400.  With the likes of the Fire, and heck even the $35 Indian tablets, nobody but Apple has the foundation in place to charge such prices.

  2. Don’t listen to morons that think Apple can get away with high prices because they have been on the marketplace the longest. iOS sucks!


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